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If a product claimed it was 'Natural', would you believe it?

While you might be surprised to hear it, many personal care products are using the term 'Natural' incorrectly, or misleading consumers intentionally. 

While these personal care brands may draw people in with shiny labels that claim an all-natural product, many of these items contain damaging ingredients that are anything but ‘natural’

Why the term 'Natural' Doesn't Always Mean Natural

As it stands today, use of the term 'Natural' is unregulated. As such, virtually any brand can use the word 'Natural' on its labels without much blow-back or inquiry. Back in the 1990’s, the FDA tried to define the term, so that its use could be regulated, but their attempts failed.

The main result of this inaction is a minefield of confusing and sometimes misleading packaging, with the customer left scratching their head when trying to make the right choice.

Customers who want to find truly all-natural products are forced to look a little harder and to develop a broad understanding of which chemicals are acceptable in body lotions and self-care products, and which are something to watch out for.

It’s tricky to tell the good from bad ingredients, especially when some harmless ingredients have chemical sounding names, and some harmful ones may not sound so bad, even ingredients as innocent sounding as ‘fragrance’ can contain over 100 artificial ingredients, with no requirement to display them on the label.

What is the easiest way to switch to personal care products that are actually natural?

If you are looking for a shortcut, we have one for you…. At True Club, you can choose from hundreds of products that are free of many of the ingredients that are considered un-natural, and our product ratings allow everyone to see what they should be watching out for when making the right choice.  

Have a look at these two categories to start with and see what the best products in the market are avoiding to keep you safe and healthy. 

Best Body Moisturisers on the market

Best Body Wash & Gels on the market 


Happy confident shopping with True Club 

The True Club Team 
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