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Resolution Revolution: Keeping Those New Year's Pledges Intact

A mere 8 percent of people keep their New Year's resolutions. The rest are abandoned or forgotten. Some of those vows survive through January, while others fall by the wayside by the first or second week of the month. Once in a while, they're finished before noon on New Year's Day.

Is there any way to ensure that your resolution is a winner? Well, the following pieces of advice might help you and your promise beat the odds.


Support and Optimism

When you don't stick to a resolution, you might criticize yourself harshly. However, there are ways to turn the situation around. Thus, look at it as a temporary setback, not failure.

If you're having trouble with a resolution, you might get together with a group of friends or relatives who are trying to accomplish the same thing. Together, you could share tips and motivate one another. And, whenever you're feeling weak, you could call one of them for encouragement. It can be fairly easy to let yourself down, but harder to disappoint others.

Always think positively. Remind yourself that you're smart and capable, and keep picturing the desirable results that will come from your resolutions. For instance, imagine a toned physique, a life free of cigarettes, or peace with your coworkers once you control your temper.

Seek Gradual Improvements

If you can't stick to a resolution, it's probably calling for a change that's too sweeping. However, you needn't give it up entirely. Instead, turn that expansive resolution into something that's more incremental.

For instance, forget about a goal of losing, say, 15 pounds by the spring. That objective is unnecessarily stressful, and it doesn't help you adopt sustainable habits. Rather, you could pledge to skip desserts a few times a week or start eating less of certain foods. Similarly, you might go for a long walk after work every day.

Whatever the case, this change should be significant enough to make a difference yet not overwhelming. And, once you're accustomed to a new behavior, you can tackle another one, then keep proceeding that way. One success often gives people the confidence to try something new.

Incidentally, one of the most beneficial resolutions of all is to carefully monitor the foods you buy. When you only have lean, nutritious items at home, you remove temptations. True Club makes choosing healthy products simple. This company is dedicated to foods of the highest quality and transparency in terms of ingredients. Its website's rating system lets you compare products and see which are safe, organic and non-GMO, as well as which have ingredients to avoid.

Any Time Is Right for Resolutions

Lastly, remember that you don't have to make your resolutions for January 1. In fact, that day may not be ideal for them. Soon afterwards, children go back to school, adults return to work and everyone recovers from holiday madness. Many people are shoveling snow and planning winter getaways, too. In other words, there's enough to do without taking on a change related to your health or lifestyle. Plus, gyms are absolutely mobbed then.

It can be more helpful to make resolutions on your birthday, the first day of summer and any random day when you want to. If you feel that you need to make a New Year's resolution, though, you could just resolve to make good resolutions throughout the year.

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