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The Fear of Reading Product Packaging is Real, and Everyone Has It!

Have you ever found yourself at the store, reading the ingredient labels of multiple products, trying to figure out which one is safest for you and your family?


Maybe you even pulled out your phone to Google some ingredients? If only the internet weren't so slow or your child and significant other weren't begging you to just hurry up and make a decision... 


True Club was born out of that frustration. We heard many stories of people researching the best products and their ingredients. They were struggling to find the safest and healthiest products, not to mention things like cruelty-free and non-GMO. There had to be a better way.

We set out to create a seamless shopping experience that shows product ratings as you shop, making finding a safe and healthy product easy. 

Today's products and marketing claims confuse customers more than ever. It’s a frustration to which almost everyone can relate. Marketing claims cloud judgment even before a shopping trip starts, with customers unaware of the influence they have on their decisions. At the store, making the right choice only gets harder. More product claims, along with a list of unpronounceable ingredients, await anyone who dares to try and determine whether a product is the safest and healthiest choice.'s Solution

The 10-point rating system True Club created is straightforward and easy to use, yet covers all the major factors when making a product choice. We evaluate products in 3 areas: 

  1. Ingredients – If a product contains ingredients that studies have shown to have a negative impact on health, we deduct from the product rating.
    Ex: parabens in shampoo, artificial colors in food products, etc.

  2. Nutrition – Where ingredients exceed a recommended amount per serving, we reduce the overall product rating. 
    Ex: a product that contains >25% sugar by volume would have a lower rating than one that does not

  3. Environment – Factors like whether a product’s packaging is recyclable, or whether the company follows sustainable business practices, are also taken into account.
    Ex: we deduct from the product rating when a product is not made with recycled material

To reach our goal of providing complete product transparency, we also highlight the ingredients, nutrition, and environmental factors that contribute to the rating. Our goal is to create a shopping experience that leaves our customers empowered and confident in their choices. We hope you agree. 

True Club - It's what's inside that counts

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